Live-ish Blogging: Soto Hearings, Day 2, Part 3

By ObamaNerd July 14, 2009

[caption id="attachment_9426" align="alignright" width="350" caption="How much more of this shit do I have left? "]How much more of this shit do I have left?  [/caption]

Today's wrap up: The Republicans did their best (this was their best?!) to knock Sonia off her game, but she remained stoic. When outbursts happened (the few times they did), she remained straight forward.  When Senator Graham relayed "anonymous" statements submitted to the committee (aka "she's a bully," "nasty on the bench," "a terror"), Sonia calmly replied: "I do ask tough questions at oral argument."

I was fairly righteous about her before the hearings.  I felt the attacks on her totally unfair, blatantly racist and completely without merit. But now, not only do I laud Obama's choice, I dare say she HAS to be confirmed.  It's a moral imperative.  She is quite simply a phenomenon. I find her even hand inspiring and I wonder how many of us would be able to withstand hours of this obnoxious bullshit they call "advise and consent."  I want to go club a baby seal and I am just watching this on CSPAN.

In any event, we return with Iowa Republican Senator Grassley.  He was all about property rights. Snooze!  All the big legal terms hurt my tiny supermodel brain. The most exciting part of Grassley's 3rd degree: Being interrupted to the screams of  "Baby Killer!" by some nutball.  He too was quickly tazed and removed.

Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) next.  And is it weird that I find him sexy?  Advise and consent me, Mr. Senator.  His probing question:  Did 9/11 change the way you view the Constitution?  Answer: No, it's a timeless document. Russ continued baiting her into a reply to say that the Bush Administration acted unconstitutionally in some of its powers and that certain Congressional acts are unconstitutional.  She didn't bite. He keeps pushing on interrogation techniques and the 2nd Amendment.  Ok, Russ.  I wanted to bounce on your lap and stick pins in our Bush voodoo dolls together, but now you're just annoying.  You're a Democrat.  Fall in line, please.

Now Republican Senator Kyl from Arizona. Total moron.  Why?  We're back to the "Wise Latina" comment.  Christ.  Hi, dead horse. We are about to beat you. She nailed the answers.  He's a douche.  Moving on...

Sen. Pat Leahy (D-VT.) wraps up Kyl's douche-baggery by re-stating Justice Alito's 2006 statement about taking into account his own Italian ancestry when considering discrimination cases. Difference = None.

Then Republican Lindsey Graham, who tossed a nice insult at her while criticizing her Wise Latina comments—"Don't become a speech writer," he advises her.  Here's my advice to Lindsey Graham: Don't walk around in the Bronx at night.

All in all:  7 hours of questioning.  She kept it together.  The Republicans, lest their better effort, unsuccessfully tried to knock her off her game.  No meltdowns.  Back again in the a.m with some Franken.  I expect some zingers.
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