Bad Profs. Bad Profs. Whatcha gonna do?

By ObamaNerd July 24, 2009

[caption id="attachment_10360" align="alignright" width="320" caption="Obama has cops all hot and bothered."]Obama has cops all hot and bothered.[/caption]

If you haven't been following Gates-gate, you have been missing out on the biggest Presidential scandal of all time.  Ever.  Huge implications on the economy, our two wars, our housing crisis and our health care reform.

So let's presume for a second that you been raised by wolves in the woods or you're a former supporter of Ron Paul and therefore your ability to read and process facts and information is severely stunted.  No judgement—I toootally thought he would win too.  In any event, you've clearly missed the story of the century.  Here's the summary:

Black Harvard Professor is locked out of house after returning from a trip to China.  Black Harvard Professor jimmies door to enter own house with assistance from non-white cab driver, who dropped professor off  post trip.  Passerby reports a break in to police.  By the way, this happens during the daytime.  White Cop is called to scene.  Emotionally elevated altercation ensues.  Both sides say other person failed to identify themselves.  Each person says other was out of line and they were justified in their own actions.  Black Harvard Professor is arrested for disorderly conduct.  Media storm starts. Late night talk shows fuel the fire. Obama weighs in stating the Cambridge police "acted stupidly."  Police unions and law enforcement organizations retort calling for public O-apology.  Obama this morning believes he could have "calibrated his words differently." Obama invites both Black Harvard Professor and White Cop to White House for a beer.

Oh. my. shit.

I think the dollar just sank.  Did we just shed like 50,000 jobs too?  I think this whole thing just caused a Category 5 hurricane to sweep through the Gulf Coast.

How comforting to know that in the middle of some of our country's biggest challenges, there are still ways to totally lose perspective and fixate on things that will do nothing to improve the lives of Americans.  We seem quick to malign cops until we really need them (we're being harmed or during endorsement season) AND despite lots of talk to the contrary, we're not as post-race as we'd like to think we are (I take sensitivity training so therefore I am exempt from claims of prejudice).

This Gates story isn't a dialogue or even commentary on cop/race relations in the US.  It's fueled up story enflamed by both sides and the media (I totally blame FoxNews), made worse by our President's unfortunate comments (I totally blame the speechwriters) and does nothing to move us any closer to being a post-race country (I totally blame Republicans who obstruct everything, even post-race progress).
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