Look Who's Bipartisan Now

By ObamaNerd June 24, 2009

[caption id="attachment_7821" align="alignright" width="364" caption="We want you to believe that we Republicans now want universal health care."]We want you to believe that we Republicans now want universal health care.[/caption]

The RNC just released a new ad, titled "Bipartisan" (oh, the fucking irony of it all) and it centers on their criticism that Obama and the Congressional Democrats aren't really reaching across the aisle to formulate a "bipartisan" health care plan that  "covers every single American" and "reduces costs across the board." Oh yeah. Their complaints, after completely abdicating their responsibility to repair our failing economy, are sooooooo welcomed now. Thanks for showing up.

And did you know that Republicans believe another government takeover would diminish your god given right to choose (but only over health care plans, ladies—don't get your uterine hopes up!)?  Oh, and Never mind that Bush bank buyout last year. Revisionist history shall erase that from the memory banks!

Speaking of Obama and health care, today ABC will broadcast a live town hall of Obama talking about his big plan.  Things are getting a little bumpy (flashback stimulus package) on Obama's public option—so the White House is doing what it does best: Trotting out that ole work horse Obama to make the sell.

We'll give you the trademark ObamaNerd play-by-play shortly thereafter.

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