Netanyahu is a Douchebag

By ObamaNerd May 28, 2009

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Josh insists that part of my responsibility as PubliCola's CorrOspondent is to post about foreign affairs. It really cuts into my reality TV time, but what the hell? He's the editor.

Netanyahu is a douche. He's douching on the two-state solution, which many of his top officials say is part of the road map to peace. Nevermind that.  When you are hardliner, you get to reneg on deals. Yesterday, Madame Secretary Clinton (I still love the sounds of that) reiterated the US position that expanding settlements in the West Bank was not looked upon favorably by the US.  Immediately after Clinton pressed the point, Netanyahu reneged. Thanks, douche.

Today, Palestinian President Abbas and President Obama are sitting down to rehash the 2002 Saudi Peace Plan and affirm that the two-state solution (which requires handing over unsettled land in the West Bank to Palestine) would in turn lead to normalized relations with the Arab world.  Everyone was on board, or so we thought.  Yesterday's Israeli government announcement shits on that plan to move forward in the peace negotiations.  Two things going in favor of peace plan:  an 'onboard', although politically weak Palestinian leader, and the fact that Iran freaks the fuck out of everyone in the Arab world.

Look to the June 4th speech that Obama plans to deliver to the Muslim world in Cairo for indications of how to deal with this new obstacle in the road to Middle East peace.

There, that should satisfy my monthly foreign affairs posting.  May I go back to Daisy of Love now?
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