CNN Newsflash: The Obamas Eat Out

By ObamaNerd May 5, 2009

obama-eatingCNN's crackerjack reporting strikes again:  Obama date night

Restaurant:  Citronelle in Georgetown.  Private room.


2 martinis
Barack - short ribs
Michelle - lobster burger
Split a fucked up looking Neapolitan for dessert but only ate the cream filling

Personal credit card. Visa, to be exact.
20% tip

Question:  Is this sort of reporting endearing or annoying?  I can't figure out what bugs me about this piece.  Maybe it was the corny one-liners from the CNN 'reporter'.  Maybe it's that they feel the need to report all details, including how he tips and how he paid for the meal (down to the type of credit card).  I mean exactly what does eating a lobster burger say about Michelle?  She breaks all the fuckin' rules because she lives on the lobster-burger-eating, Queen-of-England-pawing, fuckin' edge, bitches.  And don't even try putting Barack in some pre-defined, stereotypical 'black man' box, suckas.  He eats short ribs AND drinks martinis AND tips well.

I mean holy fuck.  Is this what we are supposed to glean from this garbage?
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