Is Obama stimulating Republican fury?

By ObamaNerd February 20, 2009

There has been talk lately that the stimulus package has re-energized the right wing.  Some think the O-camp's blunders and gaffes on the spending parts of the stimulus have mobilized the conservative base in a faster, more unified way than the 1994 health care reform plan did. I just don't see it.

coulterTrue, we saw a fairly unified Republican House and Senate vote as a bloc against the stimulus, despite bi-partisan overtures from the O-camp and to the surprise of some of us who were still o-gasming from the inauguration.  True, we again see Ann Coulter rising from the ash(tray) like the phoenix she is, despite her wingnutiness. And very true that certain Republicans are threatening to deny their states stimulus funds, despite the desperation their own state budgets face.  Shouldn't this be exactly the rallying cry a bruised, demoralized, post-08 Republican party needs to carry them through a 2010 midterm sweep?

As a gay, my motto is: "there's always a but".  BUT, the evidence proves they are screaming into the wind.  I mean, if you believe Gallup, public support for the stimulus went up between Janaury 25 and February 11 when the Republican screaming was loudest —7 points in fact—from 52% to 59%.  The anti-stimulus protest on Feb 16th at Westlake Center (um, a little late guys) was pathetic.  Check it: What, 50 people in attendance at Westlake holding lame signs? (Chris K reports on it here and is far more generous than I by giving their attendance a turnout at 100.)

Pity them. They know not what they do.

And check this: Congress' approval rating went up 12 points to its highest points in 2 years. That's the Democratically-controlled, near-supermajority Congress, bitches.

Obama is on a roll.  This week, his O-team announced a $75 billion plan to help 9 million homeowners stay in their homes. Specifically, the plan will entice mortgage companies to modify existing mortgages from folks about to default on their loans as well as propose changes to existing bankruptcy laws (finally!). Helping 9 million families stay in their homes is powerful stuff.  Couple this plan with the now passed O-stimulus plan which will create 3 million jobs. Hotness.

If these plans work, the Republicans will be O-fucked for a very long time. No amount of socialism baiting or cool, hip lingo will fix the downward spiral of the GOPs.

If they don't work... well, I'll be eating humble pie and we're all O-fucked.

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