Nickels' Battle Over Mercer Money Featured in NYT

NYT writes up Mayor Nickels' battle with state Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen

03/03/2009 By Josh Feit


U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers is Critical of Obama's Speech Even as Fed Money Heads Her Way

Washington state's GOP delegation in DC knocks Obama's speech even as new money flows to Eastern Washington, GOP turf.

02/25/2009 By Chris Kissel


Olympia to Seattle: Drop Dead

Olympia to Seattle: Drop Dead.

02/24/2009 By Josh Feit


Is Obama stimulating Republican fury?

The stimulus plan was supposed to stimulate the GOP. Nope. It's only stimulated Obama's approval rating. coulter

02/20/2009 By ObamaNerd


Republicans Gather in Westlake to Protest Stimulus Package

GOP Activists gather in Westlake to skewer the "Porkulus" package.

02/17/2009 By Chris Kissel


PubliColaTV: The Stimulus Package

Chris K. reviews the week in That Washington. Stimulus, stimulus, stimulus. Sorta.

02/14/2009 By Chris Kissel


Awaiting Stimulus

The Stimulus Package: How will this Washington fare in that Washington? Congress agrees to a $789 billion deal. What's in it for us?

02/11/2009 By Chris Kissel


Rep. Inslee on Left and Rep. McMorris Rodgers on Right, Challenge Senate Stimulus Bill

Washington State's House delegation sneers at the Senate stimulus bill. From both sides of the aisle.

02/10/2009 By Chris Kissel


Sen. Cantwell Adds Electric Car Amendment to Senate Stimulus

Sen. Maria Cantwell gets electric car amendment into Senate stimulus package.

02/09/2009 By Chris Kissel


Inslee Leads Charge to Keep Stimulus Package Green

Inslee rounds up signatures for letter to Pelosi outlining green demands.

02/07/2009 By Josh Feit


Sen. Patty Murray in on Leadership Talks to Cut $80 Billion from Stimulus Plan

Sen. Patty Murray joins centrist group working behind closed doors to trim the Stimulus package.

02/06/2009 By Chris Kissel


Take Me to Your Leader

PubliCola sits down with State Senate Majority Leader Sen. Lisa Brown (D-3, Spokane).

02/04/2009 By Josh Feit


Numbers Released on Washington State's Share of the Stimulus Funds

The O House releases state by state stimulus numbers.

02/04/2009 By Chris Kissel


Sen. Patty Murray's $25 Billion Amendment Voted Down

Earmark Murray loses one.

02/04/2009 By Chris Kissel


Washington's House Delegation Splits Along Party Lines on Stimulus Vote

U.S. Rep Jay Inslee: "The recent layoff announcements at Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks and other companies throughout Washington State are further proof that the federal government cannot afford to be timid in tackling this problem."

01/28/2009 By Josh Feit


Reichert Speaks Out Against Stimulus Bill

Rep. Reichert takes on Democratic stimulus package.

01/28/2009 By Chris Kissel


Sen. Patty Murray Adds $6.4 Billion for Hanford Cleanup into Senate Stimulus Bill

Sen. Murray scores money for Hanford cleanup. Yay stimulus package.

01/26/2009 By Chris Kissel


$850 Million in Federal Transportation Money for Washington State

US Rep. Larsen (D-WA, 2) unveils transportation dollars for Washington state. Only 25 percent is for transit.

01/22/2009 By Josh Feit