I can't wait for 2010

By ObamaNerd February 27, 2009

Some big stuff from Obama. Let's start with today's huge news.

obamatroops11. Obama is going to pull out of Iraq. Specifically, "Our combat mission will end," by August 2010. Now that the election is over, everyone is in favor of a timetable - even crabby, old white Republicans.  In addition, Obama underscored there will not be a remaining US presence in Iraq after 2011

Does moving the withdrawal date three months constitute a broken campaign promise?  I declare no.  Lastly, there will be no long term presence like in Germany or South Korea.  Nice. 

As for presence. It's back to that other war. The war we supposedly won in early 2002. 

2. Obama is going to cut the deficit in half by the end of his term.  That's in addition to curing cancer, keep in mind. Oh totally. My penis is freakishly large as well and there's this awesome bridge in Alaska that needs funding too. You might want to think about taking a crack at that bloated Omnibus bill that just passed on Wednesday if you have any prayer of halving that bitch by 2012.

3. Bye Bye Conscience Clause! Don't let the O-door hit you on the way out.
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