Check out the new post at OMG!Obama. Guest columnist Marco Lowe has some advice for Obama (and for O fans.)
We all have our perfect, completely unique, vision of the movie “ Obama’s First 100 Days” written in our heads and it is full of things he simply won’t do.  Wire tapping?  Staying on the line for now.  Gays in the military? Likely not asking or telling for some time yet. He’s also not going to air drop aid into Youbetchastan, invest $56 Kabillion into generating electricity with Lunar winds, or hire 300 new staff at the EPA to study the wily North American Wombert of the Central Dakota Prairies. He is going to disappoint us in our “Barck-the-House” t-shirts in a myriad of ways before even sitting down in the Oval Office to yell for someone to take a memo. 

Which is a good thing!

President Obama needs to say “NO” all the time to be a good President.  I know, I know…he ran on “Hope” but now is the time for him to say, “Nope.”

 President Clinton followed 12 years (ok, maybe 16…sorry JC) of pretty bad presidents, and he indulged us with ideas like  healthcare for all. Things this country still needs.  But by doing it out of the gate and placating impatient people like me he wrapped his administration around the political tree for a couple of years.  And much of the stuff we so needed, never got done because of it.
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