Seattle Met composite. Photographs by Olivia Brent, Amy Vaughn, and Shutterstock.

Off the southern end of Lake Union sits a company with some of the most resources in the world: Amazon. On the northern end, beginning with a bucolic park once home to a gasification plant, abides a community abundant with resourcefulness. Wallingford, the neighborhood between Fremont and the University District, doesn’t waste a letter, let alone a building. Everything from the sarcastic Chevron sign to the benevolent Good Shepherd Center bespeaks a devotion to clever repurposing. And vintage still undergirds the area’s impressive array of restaurants and shops.

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Wallingford Has a Reinvention Streak

The neighborhood abounds with landmarks that used to be other things.

02/19/2021 By Stefan Milne

Where to Eat in Wallingford

This part of town doesn’t get nearly enough credit for all its great food.

02/19/2021 By Allecia Vermillion and Seattle Met Staff

16 of Wallingford’s Best and Funkiest Shops

This North Seattle neighborhood has it all, from sock shops and rubber chickens to rare plant purveyors and chic boutiques.

02/19/2021 By Zoe Sayler and Seattle Met Staff