What we now know as Lake Tapps, created in 1911 as a hydroelectric power source, used to be several lakes—and that gives it a fascinating topography, full of irregular shorelines and tightly packed archipelagos. This listing would give you a significant amount of island in the upscale Snag Island community: around half of an island, plus an entire additional island. It's almost five acres all together.

Here at Property Watch, we usually cover homes, not just properties. There’s no island cabin getaway or luxury lodge here (although the next owner could build both). In addition to the whole private island thing, what really got us was the Mount Rainier view, available right from the ground on Bonus Island. It’s the kind of view that you can only get from being less than 25 miles from the Carbon River Ranger Station. It is, quite literally, right there. On this island, the mountain is out every day.

A bevy of recreational amenities keeps the property from being completely vacant, though. There’s a large, waterside patio built for entertaining, and a path along a relatively new bulkhead to boat moorage, including a covered boat lift (and, apparently, a Sea-Doo lift). Light landscaping lines the shoreline. Wide, flat lawns cover both the main property and the island. Some features are naturally occurring, like more than 900 feet of no-bank waterfront and dense evergreens. There is, of course, a firepit.

To make the island a little more remote, it’s located in a ritzy gated community with a security guard—and even past security you have to cross a few islands to get there. You also have to cross a few islands to leave, but it’s still only about 10 minutes to the grocery store. Downtown Tacoma, if you need it, is only slightly closer than the foot of Mount Rainier.

Listing Fast Facts

21005 Snag Island Dr, Lake Tapps
Size: 4.72 acres
List Date: 1/11/2021
List Price: $3,999,999
Listing Agents: 
Toril Schoepfer/Toril Sells Houses Team

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