Coming soon to Ballard: Even more Scandinavian vibes.

Ballard’s Northern European heritage is about to become even more conspicuous: Sparklebarn, a Scandinavian furniture gallery, will open its new location at 2611 Northwest Market Street on Saturday, a couple doors down from the National Nordic Museum (which rents out the space) and just around the corner from other Scandinavian businesses like Skål Beer Hall and Freya Café.

When owner Shane Bastian approached the National Nordic Museum about the location around a year ago, he told them he wanted to honor the community’s Nordic and Scandinavian history while also providing quality furnishings, lighting, art, and furniture—most all of it vintage. As a Ballard resident for the past 20 years, he saw it as an ideal opportunity to move Sparklebarn from its spot in the Fremont Vintage Mall, where it operated for eight years.

Along with a retail area up front, the back of the store is dedicated to a workshop space, where visitors can see how the sausage (or the pølse, as it were) is made. Bastian will once again introduce his furnishings, both midcentury modern and Scandinavian, to neighbors and the public with an informal grand opening on Saturday from 5 to 9pm.

One thing Bastian is looking forward to about the new space is the chance to feature local artists in a monthly spotlight, where he’ll display their pieces in the gallery: “I've noticed I have a lot of friends who are brilliant artists or artisans and don't really have that outlet to showcase their work,” he said.

Shane is grateful, excited, and maybe a little bit nervous to grow into the neighborhood, already a hub for Seattle’s Scandinavian community. Sparklebarn is likely to expand its hours as it adapts to the ebb and flow of business in its new location, but for now, you can visit Friday through Sunday from 11am–6pm or Wednesday and Thursday from 11am–3pm.

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