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Plant Shop

Grab a handsome snake plant here that can live atop the side table you bought from the original Homestead. This sister shop gives the same attention to detail and care to its plants as it does to reclaimed furniture. 2202 E Olive St, Central District, 206-466-4880;

Niche Outside

Think of Niche Outside as a general store for Instagram-famous gardeners. The wares include all the apparel needs like chic gardening gloves, Japanese shears, brass hand shovels, plant-based beauty products, and a bit of green to pot. 1424 11th Ave, Capitol Hill, 206-939-7913;

Indoor Sun Shoppe

Inside the high ceilings of this indoor garden, crafty lighting replicates a multitude of climates, feeding tropicals like this dieffenbachia, shelves of succulents, easy-to-care-for airplants, and enough hanging vines to turn an apartment into an arboretum. 160 N Canal St, Fremont, 206-634-3727;


This Ballard shop displays its selection of plant life like a gallery shows art. Pristine flora, including a selection of exotic cacti, fills the shelves along with home decor and beauty products to create your own corner of paradise. 1417 NW 54th St, Ste 102, Ballard, 206-466-6393;

Seattle Seed Company

You can buy a potted plant. Or you can grow your own from seed. This green thumb’s haven has everything you need to learn to keep a garden year round. Or buy something pretty (and already grown), like an Alocasia Polly. 151 12th Ave, Ste 100, Central District, 206-395-4769;

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