The Seattle Times investigation that produced Sunday’s story of sexual misconduct accusations against Edouardo Jordan reportedly began a year and a half ago. Reporters Asia Fields and Jackie Varriano spoke with 28 individuals in the intervening months. And given how this process usually goes, most likely approached many more.

It’s not fast, it’s not easy or efficient, and it is absolutely the level of reporting that should go into a story of this significance. See also: The New York Times report on April 29 of toxic and abusive work conditions at Willows Inn, which involved conversations with 35 former staff members.

A heartfelt thank you to every person who made themselves personally and professionally vulnerable, revisiting moments of pain and anger to share their stories. If there’s one upside to Seattle’s staggering shortage of restaurant workers, I hope everyone who walked out of Salare and JuneBaby yesterday is now entertaining multiple fantastic job offers.

Over here at Seattle Met, a publication devoted to telling stories and celebrating the best things about this city, we believe character should inform our decisions about who to cover. Any businesses or individuals you see on our site and on our pages should be ones that deserve your dollars. Outside of in-depth investigations like the one at the Times, it's an imprecise, deeply imperfect calculus. Sometimes it fails us, and we failed our readers when we held up Jordan's restaurants as some of the best in the city.

No meal is so excellent it justifies unconscionable behavior behind closed kitchen doors, and Seattle is full of culinary talents who are also fantastic human beings. As we move toward some new version of normal and resume magazine-y things like best restaurant lists, we will do better—do more—to ensure the character of these vital local businesses will matter as much as what’s on your plate (and in your takeout carton). Sunlight is the best disinfectant, but spotlights have a responsibility, too.

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