Roughly every week, a new Washington state winery gets bonded. After finishing 2010 with 441, the state boasted more than 1,000 wineries at the end of last year.

While we have an abundance of tried-and-true producers, some newly minted vintners bring a fresh take or refine well-established styles. As with all Washington wines, some offerings are widely available, while for others the hunt can be part of the experience.

Virtue Unity GSM Columbia Valley 2018 $24

On the Nose: smoked meat, plum, parsley.
On the Palate: a textured, velvety feel.
Why It's Special: Depth and purity distinguish this wine and producer.

Quiddity Cur Non Mourvèdre Columbia Valley 2018 $35

On the Nose: yellow raspberry, herb, plum.
On the Palate: like drinking a fresh bowl of fruit.
Why It’s Special: This is a top quality example of an under-the-radar variety.

Valdemar Chardonnay DuBrul Vineyard Yakima Valley $50

On the Nose: apple, pear, spice.
On the Palate: exquisitely proportioned, textured flavors.
Why It’s Special: A fifth-generation Spanish winery planting its flag in Washington was a statement; this wine is another.

Le Doubblé Troubblé Merlot Dry Hollow Vineyard Columbia Valley 2019 $30

On the Nose: red plum, muscat gummy, pomegranate.
On the Palate: bright red fruit with the oak pulled way back.
Why It’s Special: An Oregon Columbia Valley merlot made in a low-oak, early release style? Yes indeed.

Chasing Rain Cabernet Sauvignon Red Mountain 2018 $25

On the Nose: blackberry, dried herb.
On the Palate: full-bodied dark fruit flavors with plenty of tannic structure.
Why It’s Special: Red Mountain wines are seldom sold at such a generous tariff.

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