A rare sight indeed.

Georgetown Brewing founders Manny Chao and Roger Bialous famously vowed they’d never put their hop-forward, clean-finishing pale ale in bottles or cans. For 17 years now, Manny’s has flowed exclusively on draft, keeping it the domain of bars and restaurants, the places that first gave this upstart brewery a chance back in 2003. Now, the brewery will set that conviction aside—for a while at least.

Of all the social conventions upended during our battle with Covid-19, this one at least has an upside: Georgetown Brewing will sell Manny’s in cans for a six-week run. This handsome red packaging debuted over the long weekend; the brewery sold 6,544 six-packs from its facility in Georgetown. By midweek you should see them in stores around the state.

All the profits from these cans will “support bar and restaurant workers through the state of Washington,” according to the Georgetown Brewing website.

Sure, this town overflows with great beer, but Manny’s is different. It’s an institution, a form of gently hopped civic engagement. Ordering a pint is a form of communion with the city—mostly because if you’re drinking a Manny’s, you’re probably sitting in a bar, or at a restaurant. Or at the very least with a friend who filled up a growler.

Georgetown's social media has lots of instructions on how to get your hands on some cans—and exhortations to be patient.

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