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Greenwood Gets Lucky with Draft Punk Beer Bar

The space is spartan, but the beer is good.

By Stefan Milne October 22, 2019 Published in the November 2019 issue of Seattle Met

At some point—maybe following Chuck’s Hop Shop’s arrival in 2009—we all decided to drink in bottle shops with the atmospheres of convenience stores. Draft Punk, a small space on Greenwood Avenue, continues this, but tips the balance toward proper bar. Refrigerators and shelves carry some of Washington’s better bottles: E9, Machine House. Elsewhere: TVs, tables, a turntable, a long wood bar with 16 taps.

I looked over the chalkboard list, dripping with hoppy offerings from Matchless, Cloudburst, Fremont. “If you like IPA, you’ve come to the right place,” the bartender said. I do, but I opted for a pink, puckering Urban Family sour. Between pulling pints, the bartender settled in with a book. I returned the next week and did the same, and even with tableside dogs barking and football on the TVs and some guy declaring, “He got smoked!” beside me, it remained calm enough to read by refrigerator light.

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