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Seattle Is America's Top Coffee City—Again

We may have dipped below number one shortly, but we are back, and it's about damn time.

By Courtney Cummings September 26, 2019

La Marzocco—and Seattle—know good coffee.

There’s no denying it: Seattle is the coffee hub of the country. (Full disclosure: I'm a Starbucks barista on my days off, so I'm essentially obligated to feel this way.) From Howard Schultz’s empire to Caffe Vita to Espresso Vivace, it’s no secret that Seattle does coffee well.

Briefly, at the beginning of this year, there was an egregious list released by Apartment Guide that ranked us only the fourth best coffee city in the country, right behind San Francisco, Vancouver (Washington, not British Columbia), and Berkley. Now we know this is false (Vancouver??), but it was a blow to our brew egos. Thankfully, WalletHub has righted the scales by retitling us number one based on myriad factors: We ranked second in coffee and tea manufacturers per capita, and sixth in average spending on coffee per household.

Obviously, this tracks for our big little city, considering back in 2015 there were 104 Starbucks in Seattle proper. Now there are 133. With the U.S. coffee market valuing $48 billion, according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America, it’s no surprise people are itching to get into the coffee scene (and we're itching to write about it). Just in the past year we've had a cafe by a former Seattle Sounder, a beanless coffee startup, and quickly banned CBD lattes. Hell, writer Darren Davis even (satirically) claimed we should name our new hockey team the Seattle Roasters

With National Coffee Day coming up on Sunday, September 29, we happily (re)accept the title of best coffee city in America, and plan to keep it. 

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