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This Week in Restaurant News: Thackeray Evolves and Stumptown Shreds

Five dining developments on our radar this week.

By Philip Kiefer February 22, 2019

It's the end of Thackeray as we know it.

Bye, Thackeray

Big news first: Thackeray is on its way out. Panic-eat fried chicken while you still can. The restaurant announced Thursday that it'll be gone for good after one final brunch service March 3. After a few good years, Heavy Restaurant Group decided to switch gears and pivot to Fiasco—a casual Italian place, with pastas, pizzas, and in-house desserts—in the same location later in March. The space will continue to host Claret Wine Bar. You can follow the new restaurant's progress on Instagram.

Speak Softly, Carry a Flatstick

Last week, Tacoma. This week, Spokane. Next, the world? Flatstick Pub plans to open a pub in downtown Spokane just south of Riverfront Park this summer or fall. That announcement followed on last week’s news that they'll open a 12,000-square-foot location in Tacoma later this year. The Spokane location has been in the works for years, the owners told Washington Beer Blog, and they'll debut a new game, on top of their other golf-themed offerings.

Pizza to Tapas to Different Tapas

Chaos reigns on Capitol Hill. Itto’s Tapas, which replaced Toscana Pizza on Summit Avenue in 2017, is a relative newcomer, and it’s already headed out the door. Jody Claggett, currently the manager at Itto’s, has purchased the restaurant, and plans to turn it into a Spanish restaurant called A La Vida, according to Capitol Hill Seattle. Let us head off your questions: Itto's, despite the name, is more of a Moroccan place. Its original location will still be around in West Seattle. 

Like, Isn't Everything a Simulation?

Starbucks’s simulation of a neighborhood cafe, Roy Street Coffee and Tea, will be closing soon, according to Capitol Hill Seattle. Opened back in 2009, Roy Street was the coffee giant's first foray into local-centered design and reportedly led to similar experiments in other cities. Because this is Seattle, there's already a petition to save the business. It's slated to close at the end of April, but don’t you worry: If you can’t get enough of that neighborhood-cafe feel, but miss the taste of charcoal in every sip, you can still find high-concept, sneaky Starbucks locations in Austin and New Orleans.

Then There’s Oregon

Portland-based Stumptown Coffee Roasters showed off its shiny new skate team on Wednesday. What does coffee have to do with skateboarding, you might ask? According to a press release, the team is meant to showcase the company’s commitment to its community. “We’ve counted skateboarding diehards in our ranks since day one,” they write in a stoke-peppered blog post. The roaster will also release a 20-minute short film showcasing the team, plus a new bag of beans and cold brew, come March. In the meantime, watch them smash watermelons and limbs in a grungy, nostalgic trailer. Seattle, this could be us, but you playing.

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