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This Week in Restaurant News: A Whole Day of Edouardo Jordan, a Whole Airport of Beecher's

Five dining development that hit our radar this week.

By Allecia Vermillion November 30, 2018

One of the best food options at Sea-Tac is expanding to Paine Field.

Happy Edouardo Jordan Day

Mayor Jenny Durkan proclaimed November 28 Edouardo Jordan Day in the city, in honor of the chef behind Salare and JuneBaby. It's not clear where this honor ranks in relation to his pair of James Beard Awards, three stars from the New York Times, and status as one of People's sexiest chefs alive. But December just might be an unofficial Edouardo Jordan Month in Seattle—the chef is about to open his third venture, a casual grain-focused bar called Lucinda (see below).

Grilled Cheese Flight

The Puget Sound Business Journal says Beecher's will handle concessions at the region's newly commercial airport, Paine Field. As in all of the concessions, from cafe to bar to coffee (with Caffe Vita).

So Many Emotions

Whipsawed by the seemingly endless parade of new restaurants, and nearly as endless stream of sad closures? The Seattle Times breaks it all down.

Pound of Flesh

To paraphrase a certain neighborhood blogger, if a restaurant closes suddenly or mysteriously, check the court records. In this case, Capitol Hill Seattle dug up the backstory on By the Pound deli (slash speakeasy). 

Speaking of Flesh

The news (first reported by Business Insider) that Starbucks, a company whose logo is essentially a topless woman, will block Wi-Fi access to porn in its stores starting in 2019 prompted snarky takes galore and some inevitable jokes from late night TV hosts. (Only Stephen Colbert could make "froth that milk" sound wildly inappropriate.) To quote the conversation amongst the Seattle Met editorial Slack, "HOW DID THEY NOT ALREADY DO THAT?"

This Week on Nosh Pit

One of the most intriguing new restaurants of the year opens December 1.

And another one, Lucinda Grain Bar, is due December 8.

Canlis will reprise its surprise-packed New Year's Eve party. And this time, it's tropical.

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