Rolling in Dough

Sugar and Spoon Brings Edible Cookie Dough to the Masses

Fresh out of school Ivana Orlovic and William Hubbell are armed with a food truck and loads of dough.

By Jaime Archer October 11, 2018

These cookie dough stacks have got us all¬†ūüėć.

What started as a class assignment at the University of Washington has turned into a¬†full-fledged edible cookie dough company¬†for recent graduates Ivana Orlovic and William Hubbell of Sugar and Spoon. In cups, cones, and alongside¬†ice cream, the two are dishing out¬†flavors like chocolate chip, Dough-Reo (Oreo), and Holy Oats (yeah, that's oatmeal‚ÄĒdon't hate) from a food truck,¬†which will be making weekly appearances at Westlake Park and other spots around Seattle.

Let's be clear: There are no fresh baked cookies to be had here. But that only adds to the homey appeal of Sugar and Spoon, which makes a business model out of people's tendency to eat raw cookie dough.  Unlike typical raw dough, Orlovic and Hubbell's version has no eggs or egg substitutes and uses heat-treated flour. Translation: No salmonella, no worries.

And it turns out, safe-to-eat cookie dough can taste like the real, eggy deal. Just like the homemade stuff, it's super rich, but that doesn't stop customers from picking out two or three scoops of the majorly creamy dough.

Though Sugar and Spoon's food truck just hit the streets early this month, it's had a presence at UW since last winter when Orlovic and Hubbell met in a class about creating a company and, well, created a cookie dough company that gained a following at pop-up shops around campus. After graduating this past June, the two decided to pursue the business in the real world. Then they stumbled on a Craigslist ad for a food truck.

Orlovic was originally opposed to the truck, but Hubbell eventually won her over. It also inspired an ice cream truck vibe, which meant adding ice cream and waffle cones to the menu. Currently, Sugar and Spoon is doling out its three signature¬†doughs¬†and one seasonal flavor‚ÄĒsnickerdoodle for fall‚ÄĒbut Orlovic said they plan to add more flavors soon. "I think expansion is always in our back pocket. ... We're not just a food truck company; we're so much more than that," she¬†added.

For now, real-life cookie monsters can get their hands on Sugar and Spoon's dough by tracking the food truck on the company's events page. And if you're jonesing for a glass of milk after all that dough, they've got that too. Plain 2 percent and cereal milk, in fact. Because you can never be too trendy.