Time to channel your inner Cookie Monster: Lowrider has flavors like brown butter triple chocolate chunk, cookies and cream, and salted toffee pecan.

Image: Truong Win

Just one month after founder Emily Allport stumbled upon an open trailer, Lowrider Baking Company will open its doors at the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall this Saturday at noon. Since Lowrider started up in May 2017, Allport's cookies have popped up at farmers markets and a few other spots around the area. Now, though, the peripatetic cookie bakery is going brick and mortar—or rather, aluminum and rubber.

As planned, the trailer is decked out in dachshund decor—"an ode to our dogs and our love of cookies," according to Allport. There's seating for about six people, though the star of the show is the cookie counter, a gift from Deep Sea Sugar and Salt owner Charlie Dunmire, who moved out of the Trailer Park Mall and into a physical location earlier this year.

This weekend Lowrider will be dishing out four signature cookies—brown butter triple chocolate chunk, cookies and cream, birthday cake, and salted toffee pecan—alongside seasonal flavors, including lemon cranberry, caramel chocolate pretzel, happy almond, toffee almond chocolate, and pumpkin chocolate chip. Moving forward, Allport plans to have two to three monthly flavors, and weekly flavors on occasion.

Between finding a trailer, remodeling it, and hosting a grand opening, Allport's had a busy October. But she's already thinking bigger. "We do have plans for expansion, but right now we're focusing on the trailer and making it great," she said. Though she's not entirely sure what it would look like, "expanding is the plan."

For now, Lowrider will be open on the weekends, Saturday from noon to 7 and Sunday from 11 to 4, at the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, 5805 Airport Way S.

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