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This Week in Restaurant News: Cocktails, Pasta, and Long Live the Queen (City)

Linda Derschang’s Belltown spot is serving up classic cocktails and the Smith burger with your name on it as of today.

By Cassie Sawyer September 14, 2018

Queen City opens its doors at 4pm today.


Queen City
We’ve been standing at the windows, our fingers pressed, our faces smashed saying “open, open, open.” And that day has finally come. Linda Derschang’s new Belltown restaurant and bar complete with portraits with eyes that track you, carefully placed vintage furniture, and that burger, you know the one, from Smith on Capitol Hill (oh, and moules frites, a classic caesar salad, roasted chickens, and the like). Derschang recently moved to a downtown high-rise and found that her new neighborhood lacked the sort of hang she enjoys, so if there isn’t one, open one. Queen City will be starting its first service at 4 today. Happy Friday!

East Trading Co.
It feels like it's been forever since we first heard word of I-Miun Liu and Michael Chu's Capitol Hill plans, and on September 13 those plans became reality. In an announcement via Instagram, they’ve got dancers breaking with joy that finally the old Sun Liquor space on East Pike is slinging fancy-infused cocktails and cooking up Chinese and Korean recipes. The eclectic space designed by Electric Coffin has bright murals and a Zodiac drink wheel for adventurous guests who like to leave their cocktail choice up to the fates.  


Sometimes it’s just not in the culinary cards, and that seems to be the case for the second iteration of Barbirusa. After moving from its original space on Eastlake to a much larger space in Belltown, Charles Walpole started having knee problems and (what’s becoming the classic) Seattle rent spike has caused Babirusa chefs to head for California. The last day of service will be September 27. 

Cafe Nola
The Bainbridge Island Review reported earlier this week that after two decades on the corner of Winslow Way and Madison Avenue this local cozy cafe is closing. Owners Kevin and Whitney Warren note they were unable to resolve some leasing issues, but will continue serving islanders and tourists at the Plate & Pint.

Coming Spring/Summer

Il Nido
Mike Easton of Il Corvo announced this week that he’ll be opening an Italian restaurant in his own neighborhood of West Seattle come this spring-slash-early summer. It’s in a historic and particularly royal, navy blue log cabin. This space will give Easton a chance to get back into the delicate pasta game, like ravioli and more labor intensive styles, of which he’s had to let go of with the heavy business of the downtown rush at Il Corvo.

What We’re Eating Now

Besides all things pumpkin that have suddenly appeared on the shelves of Trader Joe’s, we’re also enjoying sweet and savory crepes, the Thai favorite kao soi gai, pastrami sandwiches via everything bagel crusted pizza (?!), and airport breakfasts that really don’t suck. 

What We’re Reading Now

Sometimes the best meal is one you savor in your newest cookbook. Here, Rebakah Denn gives us a fantastic reading list of this fall’s newcomers coming to the shelves at your local bookstore. Or to your cart on Amazon.

What We’re Drinking

Even though the PSL has returned (OMFG, It's the PSL!), we’re gearing up for a fall filled with rich reds and full-bodied whites. The glorious Sean P. Sullivan has rounded up the 30 most exciting Washington wines, including selections from all over the state, some newcomers, some old schoolers, and for the most part many of these bottles are way less than your latte budget.

Restaurant Review

In Deputy Editor Allecia Vermillion’s latest review, we learn more about the kaiseki-style of dining at Wa’z from Chef Hiro Tawara. Pre-set coursed meals are seasonally set by month, and Tawara is creating “supremely subtle food that challenges diners to slow down,” with delicate flavors over decadent portions.  

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