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Behold, the Nina Smoked Salmone, with nova lox, dill cream cheese, and pickled red onion. Photo via Sunny Up's Facebook page.

Ande Janousek threw the city a bit of a curveball when she applied for a location permit for her new food truck; apparently Seattle doesn't get many truck operators who want to set up shop at 6am. But her new truck, Sunny Up, is all about breakfast sandwiches. It debuts on Tuesday, March 20, with a lineup of egg-centered creations named for badass women. 

The Ruth Bacon Ginsburg gilds bacon and egg with English cheddar, tomato jam, and thyme aioli. Order a Sausage Patti Smith and you'll get, duh, a sausage patty with provolone, Mama Lil's peppers, and caramelized onion. For vegetarians and avocado toast devotees, perhaps a Frida Avokahlo?

These sandwiches, served on telera rolls, feel particularly au courant in a moment when celebrating women's accomplishments feels like both balm and antidote (though...does Ruth Bader Ginsburg actually eat bacon?). Janousek, whose resume includes Bell and Whete and an executive chef role with Pan Pacific Hotel, says she and partner Tara Zumpano are big fans of both sports and the arts. So why not honor women in both fields via excellent sandwiches and meat-centered wordplay?

In addition to a half-dozen breakfast sandwiches, the truck will serve drip coffee from Anchorhead, plus cinnamon sugar doughnut holes, greek yogurt, and (yesss) a hash brown dressed up with harissa salt. Sunny Up will debut March 20 at Denny Park. Once permits are squared away, the truck will migrate to nearby Ninth and Westlake; either way, look for it Monday through Friday, from 6 to 10am. Keep tabs on its menu and whereabouts via the Sunny Up website and Facebook page.


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