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If I had more time, I'd photoshop some margaritas in their hands. Not an oversize sombrero, though. That's just tacky.

Super Bueno sounds like a saucy Jonah Hill brom-com, but in fact it's the latest restaurant from Ethan and Angela Stowell. And as the name implies, the prolific restaurateurs are embracing breakfast burritos, tacos, grilled street corn, and tequila.

A bilevel space at 3627 Stone Way N will be ready this spring; technically Team Stowell will run two separate  concepts under this lone roof. Cafe Bueno rules daytime, with coffee, salads, tortas, pastries, breakfast burritos and a kids play area akin to the one that packs in grateful parents over at Frelard Pizza Company. Downstairs, nighttime hangout Super Bueno will serve Tex-Mex favorites: tacos, tamales, nachos, queso fundido, grilled street corn, tostadas, quesadillas. The Stowells say the restaurant portion will also be kid friendly—the sort of kid friendly that involves tequila and mezcal for parents, not to mention beer and frozen margaritas. 

The space also has two patios, for optimal margarita consumption, and by day, Cafe Bueno will combine the prevailing trends of grab and go and family friendliness with a lineup of prepackaged food that includes bites for kids, 

Two-level restaurant designs can be tricky, but it does seem like a savvy way to separate parents deserving of guacamole and cocktails from patrons who prefer their mezcal without a Romper Room chaser. When Cafe/Super Bueno arrives, it will open at 7am and keep on serving through lunch, happy hour, and dinner. Stay tuned for more specifics. The Stowells also have an Italian restaurant called Cortina taking shape in the former Sullivan's Steakhouse downtown; that's also due to open in spring.