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Spoiler: This is not our Restaurant of the Year. Image via Shutterstock.

This will be the fifth year Seattle Met has put on its Secret Supper—an event that, frankly, always makes me giddy with excitement. It’s the culmination of our food team’s yearlong conversation: Of all the places that opened in the past year, which one delivers the complete experience? This year's pick is a place of superb food, hospitable service, and that ineffable something that elevates dinner into a pleasurable respite from your regular life. 

Perhaps you know how this goes: Buy a ticket to Secret Supper, and you’ll be the first to learn the identity of our Restaurant of the Year. Except, that identity stays under wraps until the morning of the event. Only then do you receive the official word on where you’ll be having dinner that night. 

Our 2017 reveal happens August 10. Which means, nice weather and a cool day-into-night vibe.

Tickets are on sale now; the $125 tab includes everything, from multiple courses to cocktail pairings, tax and tip. Secret supper sells out fast, so wander on over to the ticket link and lock your seats down if you’re into marvelous food and a bit of mystery.

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