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Here's what you might find at the forthcoming Galerie 23.

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China Pie
Wood-fired pizzas with Asian toppings like fish sauce caramel pork belly? This would sound like a gimmick if this new venture wasn't from a chef as capable and classically trained as Vuong Loc. His forthcoming Fremont restaurant will focus on these eclectic pizzas, plus lots of dumplings.

Galerie 23
Former Loulay and Rover's chef de cuisine Rob Sevcik has his own restaurant in the works, a fine dining tasting menu spot that combines French technique with any number of other influences (modernist technique, cheeseburgers) and serious flexibility to accommodate dietary restrictions.


Xinh's Clam and Oyster House
The Shelton destination restaurant—owned by Taylor Shellfish and operated by its longtime shucker-turned-chef Xinh Dwelley—serves its last bowl of geoduck chowder in October.


Poulet Galore and Cantine
Josh Henderson's camp sent word that his rotisserie counter, Poulet Galore, is now open alongside Cantine at 513 Westlake Ave N. Here's the chicken menu (complete with a "drinking broth" lineup).

Razzi's Pizzeria
The gluten-free pizza shop has a new outpost at 1314 Howell St. Pizza happens in takeout and delivery form.

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