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Oh, Happy Day: Sea Wolf Bakery Will Open in Fremont This Month

"I think the real excitement is to bake in the daytime."

By Rosin Saez August 5, 2016

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(Left to right) Jesse and Kit Schumann of Sea Wolf Bakery. Photo via Instagram

After two and a half years in the making, brothers Jesse and Kit Schumann are opening Sea Wolf Bakery at 3126 Stone Way South. The opening, on August 13, will be soft like the interior of white sourdough loaf. There will be bread aplenty, plus coffee, pastries, and more not too far down the road.

Since 2014, the Schumanns have been baking bread by night, usually from midnight to the wee morning hours, first at Susan Kaplan and Renee Erickson’s Boat Street space and most recently at Dino’s Tomato Pie in Capitol Hill. It’s an honest gesture of fellowship, or a “pay-it-forward philosophy,” as Molly Wizenberg put it recently. Kit and Jesse, at one time only baking about 16 loaves at time and only getting their breads in people’s hands by way of Erickson’s family of restaurants among other Seattle spots, now have a legit retail bakery to call home.

“I think the real excitement is to bake in the daytime,” laughs Jesse. And if it means more four-pound loaves of rye bread and rounds upon rounds of sourdough, amen to that. 

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“I think we’ve always had a strong desire to cook for ourselves,” says Kit, “and this is our opportunity to make things we want to make.” This is their lab, their workshop. And in this bright, open, white-walled space you can see almost everything: A 30-year-old mixer, chipped paint and all, kneads away, while a hefty Italian oven churns out 80 loaves at a time. A marked scaling up of gluten goods production.

The 20-seat craft bakery will also focus on savory laminated dough–based pastries like croissants, as well as baguettes, focaccia, lye rolls, and a slew of other baked goods. There will be locally roasted coffee served in hand-thrown mugs, because Seattle. For now that means Kuma Coffee and the Oregon-based Archive Coffee and Bar. 

Next, the Schumanns plan to eventually add beer, wine, and food—that is, food to go with their breads; think cured meats, seasonal pickles, and local cheese. 

Sea Wolf Bakery will be open five days a week to start, Wednesday through Sunday, hours being roughly 7 to 3, which are subject to change as Kit and Jesse get in a sort of baker’s new groove. The best place to keep tabs is Sea Wolf’s Instagram.

Sea Wolf has two days of fundraising left on its Kickstarter page, aka two days to score Sea Wolf Bakery goods like aprons, mugs, and, the underrated beverage item, beer koozies.

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