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What: Secret Squirrel Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley 2012 $25 

Where: Full Pull Wines, Esquin Wine and Spirits, McCarthy and Schiering, Metropolitan Market, Village Wines, West Seattle Thriftway, QFC Bellevue 

Why: For wine lovers, there is no greater joy than what I affectionately refer to as ‘The Hunt.’ You see, most wines that are out there on the shelves are appropriately priced according to the quality that is in the bottle. If anything, wines can often underperform their price point. This is what makes the hunt for those rare bottles that significantly outperform their price so much fun, because these wines just don’t come along all that often.

Today we bring you the latest the latest find from The Hunt—the 2012 Secret Squirrel Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley ($25). Secret Squirrel is a new project from the folks at Corliss Estates (who also own Tranche Cellars). With a large amount of vineyard holdings, this company is quite simply awash in high-quality wine. This means that they are able to offer some of this wine at more than fair prices, in part with an eye toward getting on restaurant wine lists. 

The 2012 Secret Squirrel Cabernet no doubt drinks like a considerably more expensive bottle. It offers generous notes of wood spice, herb, vanilla and black cherry that are followed by rich but still well proportioned black fruit flavors. It’s a big time winner at this price. Drink up!

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