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What: Cadence Coda Red Wine Red Mountain 2014 $28

Where: Pike and Western, DeLaurenti, Esquin Wine and Spirits, McCarthy and Schiering, Whole Foods, PCC

 Why: Recent years have seen a considerable influx of outside investment and vineyard plantings on Red Mountain. Notably, Napa Valley’s Duckhorn Vineyards recently started its own Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon brand called Canvasback. The most impressive investment, however, comes from the Canadian-based Aquilini Group, which recently purchased and planted a whopping 500 acres on Red Mountain (for perspective, the appellation is 4,040 acres total).

With these changes there is no doubt that Red Mountain will become more prominent nationally and internationally. The problem for local consumers is that Red Mountain wines often command a fairly hefty price tag ($40+), making a relatively high barrier to entry to see what all the fuss is about.

Enter the 2014 Cadence Coda Red Wine Red Mountain ($28). This blend of cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot and petit verdot comes from declassified lots from the winery’s high-end program. This means that the wine saw every bit of the love as the winery’s $45-$55 wines but didn’t quite reach the same qualitative heights. But is still really darn good. Coda consistently punches above its weight class and, pound for pound, is one of the best values in the state in terms of Bordeaux blends.

The latest vintage does not disappoint. It’s filled with aromas and flavors of herb, flowers, and red and black fruit, displaying the hefty tannic structure that this region and producer are known for. It’s a perfect introduction to what Red Mountain–as well as Cadence–are all about.

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