Full tilt yserxl

Pickle and peach ice cream flavors will be scooped at all Full Tilts this week and next, respectively. Photo via Full Tilt Facebook

Continuing its series of ice cream flavors dedicated to such Seattle icons as librarian Nancy Pearl and the Space Needle, Full Tilt is adding another interesting rendition this Saturday. This time the local ice creamery pays tribute to Wallingford’s Archie McPhee. And no joke, it is dill pickle flavored.

A novel flavor fit for the novelty shop, which is celebrating 33 years of oddities, costumes, and gag gifts, many of which probably involve pickles or other pickle-shaped humor. Fans of pickle-flavored treats however can delight in scoops of this ice cream at all four Full Tilt locations from July 16 to 23.

The following week’s frozen tribute will go, once again, to the Presidents of the United States of America with the very appropriate “Millions of Peaches” flavor. It will also be available at all pinball-filled locations.

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