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Craftworks Coffee Will Open Next to La Marzocco Showroom and Cafe

Lower Queen Anne now has two ambitious multiroaster concepts across the street from each other.

By Darren Davis June 24, 2016

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Image via Atelier Drome Architecture

This morning Eater reported that Craftworks Coffee will soft open this month in Lower Queen Anne. The "ultimate multi-roaster coffee bar" plans to showcase a rotating menu of micro-roasters in a space and service setup designed around education as well as caffeination.

That all sounds great! But it should be noted that La Marzocco Showroom and Cafe opened up a similar concept in April. Across the street. That's right. The corner of Republican and First Avenue, home of the new KEXP headquarters—inside of which the La Marzocco Showroom and Cafe resides—now boasts another high-concept multiroaster.

The two aren't straight up clones. La Marzocco is primarily a manufacturer of home and commercial espresso machines, and the showroom exists as a "permanent popup" for a single roaster to hold the floor, create the menu, then rotate out after a few months. Craftworks, on the other hand, will be more of a traditional multiroaster, serving a selection of coffees from different companies alongside one another.

Craftworks Coffee, located at 110 Republican Street, plans to open June 29 with a slate of coffees from Olympia Coffee and Kuma.

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