Little Uncle's Sit-Down Restaurant Opens Today

It won't be called Big Uncle, but there will be noodles and cocktails...with rice dishes a half block down the street.

By Allecia Vermillion March 4, 2016

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Noodle dishes like this braised beef noodle soup will happen at the restaurant; look for more curries at the takeout window. Photo via Little Uncle Take Out Window's Facebook page.

It's here! Little Uncle's new Capitol Hill restaurant opens at 5pm tonight in the Mad Flats development at 1523 E Madison. Owners Wiley and PK Frank originally planned to call the sit-down sibling of their beloved Thai walkup Big Uncle, but ended up keeping the Little Uncle name. The couple's original takeout counter, just a half block down Madison, is now officially known by the lengthy (though entirely accurate) moniker Little Uncle Take Out Window.

Little Uncle (the restaurant) will be open for dinner only Friday and Saturday this week, before settling into its regular 11am to 10pm Tuesday-Saturday schedule. The kitchen will close at 9pm, though you can stick around and drink cocktails at the bar for an additional hour. This small space (just about 24 seats) is where the Franks will go big on noodle dishes like phad thai and khao soi. Oh, man...I cannot wait to try their khao soi.

Little Uncle Take Out Window is closed for a few weeks as Wiley, PK, and their staff find their rhythm at the restaurant. When it reopens, the menu will focus on rice dishes like khao mun gai, and curries.

The upshot: Lots more Little Uncle, all in one city block. Keep tabs on updates and menu items on Little Uncle's Facebook page.

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