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Portland's Little Big Burger Expands to Seattle

Capitol Hill is just the first stop.

By Allecia Vermillion February 22, 2016

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Image: Allison Jones

Portland's popular upmarket fast food–style burger chainlet just announced it's headed our way. Little Big Burger will replicate its signature combo—of truffle fries, tall burgers made with a quarter pound of Cascade Natural beef, and can upon can of cheap beer—to as many as 10 locations around Seattle.

Little Big Burger began as the brainchild of Micah Camden, the guy behind other Portlandy fast-casual places like Boxer Ramen, Son of a Biscuit, and a little juggernaut called Blue Star Donuts. This past August, Camden and partner Katie Poppe sold the business to Chanticleer Holdings; everyone loves to point out it's the same company that owns Hooter's.

Adrian Oca, director of operations for Little Big Burger, says the Seattle locations will be just the same as their Portland brethren, from the root beer floats made with Tillamook ice cream to the chewy brioche buns. The company is in talks about a specific location on Capitol Hill, but still scouting for spaces elsewhere in town. Little Big Burger definitely wants locations in the U District and (to nobody's surprise) South Lake Union. Beyond that, says Oca, his team is eyeing urban neighborhoods similar to Little Big Burger's seven Portland locations. The ultimate plan: 10 new restaurants within the next two years. "We think the city of Seattle can support it," says Oca.

Oh, and note to Crossfitters: Little Big Burger's house Camden's Catsup is paleo-compliant and actually good. I know some people who buy it by the bottle at Little Big Burger and cart it back up I-5 to use at home.

These are heady burger times for Seattle; local restaurateur Josh Henderson has begun unrolling his own slate of Great State Burger locations and I have a feeling Li'l Woody's isn't done, either.



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