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Image via Li'l Woody's.

I’m officially one week behind on writing about Li’l Woody’s burger month (sorry…deadlines). Which means I’m too late to talk about this ridiculously good pho’rench dip sandwich that sprang from the mind of Stateside chef Eric Johnson. I know. That sucks.

But hopefully we can get past that and turn our attention to the next three weeks of chefs and burgers. Like last year, Li’l Woody’s owner Marcus Lalario asked four of the town's most esteemed chefs to make him a burger. Each one holds court at both Li’l Woody’s locations for one week. Last year's group was pretty impressive, and this latest crop of burgers looks just as good. 

I love the concept of burgers as canvas for creativity, and chefs who tinker with a food that's so familiar can't just pile a bunch of crazy stuff on top of a patty and call it a day. They have to really nail the flavors. There are a million social media banners currently flying in advertisement of burger month, but here's the actual breakdown of the three remaining burgers on the lineup. Each one starts with a 1/3-pound patty of Painted Hills beef...

Tamara Murphy: Chorizo Bomb Burger
February 9-15
The chef behind Terra Plata fires up her patty with chorizo spice, smoked paprika mayo, bacon, and Valdéon blue cheese. Even the staple lettuce and onion toppings are fancy: butter lettuce and pickled red onion. 

Ethan Stowell: The Scooter
February 16-22
A classic bacon cheeseburger (shaved onion, tomato, bacon, Beecher’s cheddar) made spicy with some Calabrian chili mayo. And presumably named for the scooter Stowell used to ride around town back in the day. 

Edouardo Jordan: The 150 Gram Burger
February 23-29
Salare’s very talented proprietor likes unconventional pairings. And he knows how to make them work. Thus this combo of Newsom’s country ham, dill pickle, caramelized onions, honey Dijon, tomato jam…all on a potato bun. With a side of mushroom tempura and horseradish-dill sauce. 

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