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Renee Erickson's cluster of new Capitol Hill spots officially became a trio this morning at 7am, when General Porpoise Doughnuts opened for business.

The confections—filled with things like vanilla bean custard, chocolate marshmallow, peanut butter and grape jelly, apple jam, or lemon curd—are inspired by Fergus Henderson's St. John in London. Clare Gordon, pastry chef for General Porpoise and its two neighbors, Bateau and Bar Melusine, oversees their general goodness.

The coffee comes from a magenta La Marzocco machine and four highly legit roasters: San Francisco’s De la Paz, Brooklyn-based Toby’s Estate, and Heart and Dapper and Wise, both out of Portland. The official email announcing the doughnut shop's arrival promises: "Sparkling wine will also be available, of course." In Renee Erickson's world, sparkling wine is a basic requirement of a good doughnut shop. And I'm okay with that.

General Porpoise will be open from 7am to 3pm daily. 

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