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Little Uncle's prize-winning water buffalo with Wai Wai noodles.

Image: John Valls

This past weekend I made the drive down to Mt. Hood to judge the 15th Annual Wild About Game, a celebration of specialty game meat put on by Portland-based distributor Nicky Farms where purveyors of delectable foodstuffs set up shop at the beautiful Resort at the Mountain and proceed to stuff faces.

An event little known to the general public, but popular amongst hardcore industry circles, many Seattle food lovers and even some of our local restauranteurs could be seen browsing the farmers market–style setup as vendors handed out samples of their unique wares, demoed cooking prep, and generally nerded out.

I arrived at carnivore Disneyland around 11 in the morning and over the next few hours ate the following:

Cheese curds
Seared fois gras
Duck confit sliders
A wild boar cuban sandwich with a rum and honey daiquiri
More foie gras (this time with fig compote)
Spicy honey
Sauteed chanterelles
Bread and butter with coarse salt and bee pollen
Goat curry
Goat at least four other ways
Elk and pinot noir sausage
Rabbit terrine
Smoked cheese
Quail eggs in truffle oil
Roasted Muscovy duck
Guinea fowl
Chocolate-covered caramel corn
Pok Pok basil soda
Olive oil–infused salmon caviar
Fresh wasabi
So many oysters
Beer and wine

While I was busy chowing down with Roman levels of excess, top chefs from Portland and Seattle went head to head in a cooking competition featuring speciality dishes with Nicky Farms' signature meats. The lone Seattle winners were Poncharee Kounpungchart and Wiley Frank of Little Uncle with their water buffalo with Wai Wai noodles (so good). 

Advice for anyone wanting to shell out the (well worth it) $65 and attend next year's Wild About Game: fast beforehand.

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