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And the Seattle Met 2015 Restaurant of the Year Is…

…a place where 148 lucky diners ate very, very well last night.

By Kathryn Robinson October 23, 2015

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Those chili-cumin pork ribs.

Amberjack crudo with lime leaf powder and chiles. Crispy duck fresh rolls. Chili cumin pork ribs. Crème fraiche cheesecake.

Got it yet?

At Stateside, the genre-busting Vietnamese marvel on Pike, this food (and more) is so precise and so exuberant, and served by such pros, it swept past this year’s bumper crop of new openings to take our annual Restaurant of the Year title. Yesterday morning 148 Seattle Met readers who had signed up for this year’s Secret Supper got the super-secret email notifying them of just where that supper would take place, which it did last night in two seatings, including the aforementioned food with matching wines, ciders, and cocktails.  

Those diners had a great time discovering why Stateside is so uncommonly fine. Now you can too, right here in our November Restaurant Issue. Or on the newsstand, if you prefer.

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