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Mamnoon Is Opening a Rooftop Restaurant in South Lake Union

The team behind one of the city's most esteemed restaurants, plus a rooftop with a seriously rare unobstructed view. Not to mention all the new food and drinks down on the ground floor.

By Karin Vandraiss September 17, 2015

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Image via Karin Vandraiss

Apparently the future project the owners of Mamnoon have been alluding to is an entirely new restaurant on a South Lake Union rooftop, complete with glass walls and breathtaking views.

The space is called mBar, for now. It’s part of the new 400 Fairview development, which combines an open-air market hall of shops and restaurants on the ground floor with mBar up on the rooftop and 13 floors of other commercial space in between.

Now it all makes sense: Mamnoon’s owners Wassef and Racha Haroun have appointed Jason Stratton executive chef, meaning he’ll have a hand in both mBar and Mamnoon.

MBar doesn’t open until spring 2016 so details are still evolving, but we do know that the menu will be Mediterranean influenced, plates will be a mix of large and small, and there will be what sounds like an amazing 100-seat patio, complete with glass railings so as not to obstruct the view. (Also, you can keep an eye on I-5 traffic and decide whether to stick around for one more drink.)

Until then, mBar will operate a kiosk on the market's main floor, starting this winter. Menu TBD.

 The other occupants of this open-air hall announced Wednesday night include a mix of casual but bougie spots geared towards breakfast and lunch, a logical fit with the Amazonian set, such as Caffe Ladro, Juicy Cafe, and a second location for popular Canadian sandwich chain Meat and Bread, plus floral shop Verde and Co.

Bar Harbor, a new wine and craft beer spot inspired by the Atlantic coast, will have both a space in the hall plus a second kiosk to serve the outdoor seating area on the ground floor filled with oversized wooden tables. It’s the work of local wine fixture Ben Hodgetts.

Some stalls in the market hall are yet unoccupied, but the Wednesday night event included an impressive mix of local retailers, presumably considering the space—Seattle Pickle Co., Mustard and Co., Taylor Shellfish, and boutiques like Blackbird and Hammer and Awl.

Folks associated with 400 Fairview say the already-announced stalls should be open some time around the holidays. The development combines two major trends in Seattle's restaurant ecosystem–food and drink collectives and a tidal wave of restaurants opening in South Lake Union. This one, as it happens, will come with an incredible rooftop view, something that's all too scarce in Seattle.

Keep an eye on the 400 Fairview Facebook page for opening details in the coming months. To quote the signoff from the house band that played at the announcement event, "congratulations on your big-ass building."

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