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I'm a cat person, and about as likely to go car camping as I am to rappel nude down the side of Starbucks headquarters. And yet I can't stop looking at the cover of our October issue. It's an ode to road trips in the form of a rooftop tent perched on a powder blue 1971 International Scout...complete with wine, snacks, and an adorable dog.

That car is the prized ride of one Shaun McCrain, a Per Se alum who spent four years as the chef at Book Bindery; now he's hunting down just the right spot for his forthcoming restaurant Copine. He was kind enough to drive it out to Tinkham Road east of North Bend, then back it up to the edge of a scenic precipice (and let Watson the coonhound sit shotgun) for a photo shoot. I'd love to tell you this all came about because Shaun and I are besties who go foraging and savor bottles of French wine together. But really our art director Jane made the connection the old fashioned way—via a mutual friend on Facebook.

As for Copine, McCrain and partner Jill Kinney report the search is going well, but nothing is final yet. Meanwhile, his car also stars in this great video... 

Seattle Met Road Trips Cover Shoot from Seattle Met on Vimeo.

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