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The future home of...something cool. Image via Google Maps.

It's an admittedly vague bit of news, but cool nonetheless: Heavy Restaurant Group has a new spot in the works on the little lakeside main drag in Leschi. The group—the same folks behind Barrio on 12th Avenue, Lot No. 3 in Bellevue, and assorted Purple locations around town—is reimagining the former home of Pert's Deli, situated between Daniel's Broiler and Bluewater Grill...just steps from various beaches and docks and marinas.

A Heavy rep says there's no name yet (i.e., it will be a new concept rather than, say, another Barrio) but the space will be a "neighborhood cafe" serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At around 50 seats, it will be the company's smallest space yet, though something more intimate seems like a good fit for the neighborhood. So does breakfast.

Owners are aiming to open before the end of the year; as always, that's a moving target. More details as we have them.

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