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Well, it was a cool-looking dining room.

The owners of Vespolina issued a brief notice this morning that the downtown restaurant, which began life as Aragona and one of the most buzzy openings of 2013, will close July 24. Per the statement, "trends and other unforeseeable circumstances rendered the business unsustainable."

The owners are hoping to relocate staff to sibling restaurants Spinasse and Artusi. Hopefully that includes chef Katie Gallego. The restaurant will keep regular lunch and dinner (and happy) hours through its final service on Friday.

The news comes just as Jason Stratton, the chef who launched Aragona as a Spanish restaurant, then presided over its Italian reboot with grace and good nature before parting ways with the company, starts his new gig at Mamnoon.

(This post was edited to reflect updated closing date details from the restaurant.)

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