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It’s a Jason Stratton (Cascina Spinasse, Artusi) ristorante for the tourist district—without the twinkling farmstead warmth of Spinasse, or the Euro-edge of Artusi, but with a crowdpleasing menu of antipasti, contorni, housemade pastas, and rich Italian meats, served in an urbane high-ceilinged, high-windowed space not built for lingering. Generally speaking meats outshine pastas here—if the slow-roasted pork ribs over salsa tonnata is on the card, it’s a specialty—and vegetables and big chicory salads are usually winners. The place wears a tourist identity at times too visibly (beware the upselling waiter), but there are worse sins downtown. And the bar is great. 

Meal Times
Dinner, Late Night


96 Union St, Seattle, WA, 98101
Pike Place Market  •  206-682-3590
Sun-Thur 5–10pm<br>Fri and Sat 5–11pm<br>Bar: Sun-Thur 5–11pm<br>Fri and Sat 5–midnight