One of the biggest names (and biggest personalities) in Washington wine is opening the biggest urban winery on the West Coast this Saturday, July 25. Given the Tom Kundig–designed space and quality of the wines within, Charles Smith Wines Jet City just fast tracked itself to must-do status for any visitors who want to avail themselves of our state's wines without driving to Woodinville...much less Walla Walla. For locals, it's yet another reason to spend time in Georgetown.

Smith relocated his higher-end wines from Walla Walla winery to the massive space, reportedly a former Dr. Pepper bottling plant—with 21-foot-tall walls of windows looking out on both Mt. Rainier and the planes landing just across the street at Boeing Field. The front door, be aware, is also 21 feet tall; opening it is a surreal experience. But within you'll find pours from Charles Smith Wines, K Vintners, Wines of Substance, Vino, his new Sixto chardonnay label, and winemaker Brennon Leighton's new B.Leighton label.

Upstairs there's an event space with a small kitchen; Smith is anticipating a full slate of parties and even live music, both up here and in the actual production facility after work ends for the day. This Wine Spectator piece gives a little background on the logistics of the move west of the Cascades; meanwhile have a look around in the photos above.

Hours are 10 to 6 Wednesday through Sunday.

 Post updated July 29 to clarify the description of the facility's kitchen.

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