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Paleo-friendly produce from farm to front porch. Image via Acme Farms and Kitchen

From food trucks to the proliferation of CrossFit gyms, the city is a mecca for paleo lovers. So it was no surprise that the caveman diet would collide with another of the city's great loves; CSAs. 

Similar to a traditional farm share, each paleo-friendly box contains a mix of seasonal produce, focusing mainly on veggies with low glycemic ratings. Many also contain meat and eggs, and some offer recipes and tips to help you on your way.

One of the first to provide this option was Bellingham-based Acme Farms and Kitchen, which works with a selection of local farms and suppliers to create its locavore boxes each week. Founders Joy Rubey and Cara Piscitello introduced the paleo option after their Bellingham customers requested it three years ago. They expanded to Seattle earlier this year; since then the paleo locavore box is one of the city's most popular choices.

The pair wanted to feature ingredients and recipes that were suitable for all their customers; not just the diehard CrossFit fans. Hence the box gives a lot of options, says Piscitello. "It guides people into it and gets their feet wet without having to become an expert on what food is suitable.” 

Another paleo promoter worth noting is Rochester-based Helsing Junction Farm, which offers a meat-free paleo weekly share that’s filled to the brim with vegetables and greens like broccoli, snow peas, baby carrots, green onions, and kale. “We have a huge interest in paleo, and it’s something we wanted to give to others.” says Helsing Junction Farm co-owner Annie Salafsky.

Like all traditional CSA shares, you can’t depend on your favorite vegetable appearing in your weekly produce, but what you can depend on is a fail-safe way to immerse yourself into the paleo way of life.

Here are a few paleo-friendly CSA options in the area:
Acme Farms and Kitchen: Each locavore box contains five proteins, a dozen eggs, a mix of seasonal vegetables, and recipes for the week.
Helsing Junction Farm: Weekly deliveries include an ample supply of low-glycemic vegetables and greens.
R Heritage Farm: The Gold Bar–based farm offers a more relaxed approach than other meat and egg shares, allowing the customer to choose exactly what they want in their box.
Green Bow Farm: Weekly deliveries include grass-fed meat such as beef, chicken, and lamb from the Kittitas Valley–based farm.  

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