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Monsoon's New Rooftop Patio Looks Pretty Great

And, hey—it just opened.

By Allecia Vermillion June 17, 2015

Img 3278 s7ezai

Garçon? Another round of boozy slushies, please.

Last year, Eric and Sophie Banh expanded their original Vietnamese restaurant on Capitol Hill, adding a cocktail bar and pretty much doubling the size. This week a new rooftop patio debuted on top of that addition. 

There's another (smaller) bar up there, so basically Monsoon built a bar, then another bar on top of it. I love this town. The rooftop has 25 seats—traditional two- and four-tops, plus a few low, loungeworthy seats. There are umbrellas, cheerful planters of geraniums, and a fringe of trees that pretty much obscures the view of 19th Ave below.

The rooftop is open every day, 5:30 to 9:30, and you can order the full food menu. There are no reservations up here, but there is a slushy machine, which concluded its rather mismatched sojourn over at Ba Bar and will henceforth churn up two varieties of freezy cocktails upon this roof.

Which brings us back to that little outdoor bar. According to a press release that went out this week, it will dispense two draft beers, a few wines, and two draft cocktails, creations of bar manager Jon Christiansen, who I consider crazy talented. 

Monsoon joins a parade of cool new patios around town, with a few more opening up in the coming weeks.

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