Street Food

Here Come 11 New Food Trucks

Gastropub grub, pork belly bao, and vegan comfort food: This new fleet has something for every appetite.

By Darren Davis April 14, 2015

Spring has all but sprung, and along with the cherry blossoms and returning allergies a new fleet of food trucks have sprouted throughout Seattle. There is enough variety here (in both food and funny/gauche name branding) to quell any lunch break hankering or weekend indulgence.

Bread and Circuses
Syd Suntha used to run truck ops for Where Ya At Matt; now he heads up this on-the-go gastropub that serves a burger on a bone-marrow bun, pastrami-style salmon Reubens, a "potato tornado," and beer-can chicken.

Bao Time
Bao may look cute with their fluffy steamed buns, but Bao Time packs a lot of flavor into a few choice bites: pork belly, fried chicken, and oyster mushroom bao headline a menu that also features a minced pork rice bowl and a beef wrap.

Your eyes aren't fooling you. That is a log cabin on wheels parked downtown. And out of it comes all the fixings of a classic BBQ joint, including brisket, ribs, salmon, and sliders. Pick up a plate with sides of slaw and potato salad or meat by the pound.

Luchador Taco Co.
The classic story of an ice cream joint getting in the Mexican street food game, Full Tilt Ice Cream's next venture will be a vegan taco truck. You'll have to wait a bit longer for the tacos and tortas with avocado, Field Roast chorizo, and mushroom al pastor. Luchador is set to begin serving Thursday, April 16 in Ballard. 

Meat on a Mission
Go big on the smoked pork shoulder, brisket, and carnitas, complemented by four housemade sauces and a veggie hash called What Food Eats (kale, char, spicy greens).

Mobile Smoke
This sidecar, if you will, to Rainin' Ribs takes everything great about the Lake Forest Park smokehouse and puts it on wheels. That means pulled pork and chicken, hot links, and baby back ribs. There are even a few gluten-free options, like a quinoa burger with smoked aioli. 

No Bones About It
Vegans crave comfort food too, you know. No Bones About It's inventive menu has a smattering of no-meat options like cauliflower "wings," beer battered avocado tacos, and coconut-buffalo-seitan wraps.

Take raclette cheese, an open flame, and melt that cheese over potatoes, salumi, and pickled vegetables. That's about as complicated as it gets at this Ballard-based fromage cart. They cater as well. But is your party a one-wheel or a two-wheel kind of affair?

Spice on a Curve
No gimmicks, no fusion plates, just traditional halal Indian food. Lunch plates include vegetarian and nonveg curries, spicy charbroiled chicken, and salad in a green yogurt sauce.

Buddha Bruddah
Enjoy the variety of a family-style meal without the humongous portions. Thai and Hawaiian mixed plates might include red curry, sweet and spicy pork, Hawaiian grilled beef with sides of macaroni salad and Asian slaw.

Bento boxes, small-portioned Japanese lunches, aren't hard to come by in Seattle, but Yumbit is one of the first food trucks to go mobile with them. Spicy beef tendon, pork and fish chop, and an assortment of juices, teas, and flavored milk drinks are all on the menu.

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