The Predator at Mammoth

Used to be, sandwich joints tended toward takeout only and beverages were of the takeaway sort. These days, Seattle’s favorite food demands Seattle’s favorite beverage. Exhibit A: Meat and Bread, Vancouver, Canada’s favorite sandwich shop, which opened on Capitol Hill last week. There, along with ciders, wines, and sodas, one can get beer—by the bottle or in the can.

Exhibit B is Mammoth on Eastlake, whose obsession with sandwiches named after all things primal is rivaled only by its obsession with beer: 31 taps gushing out Belgians and porters and lagers and ales; the perfect accompaniments to sandwiches filled with fried chicken and pork belly and roasted red peppers (the Predator), or smoked pork, ham, swiss, charred onions, pickles, Dijon, and aioli (the Saber-Tooth).

Meat and Bread is too new to review, but you'll find my appraisal of Mammoth in the April issue of Seattle Met.



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