Past and future. Photo and rendering via Brimmer and Heeltap.

The vine-canopied garden alongside Brimmer and Heeltap has been one of the city's most appealing outdoor dining spots since its previous identity as Sambar. Now owner Jen Doak has found a way to make the space even more charming...and accommodate more people.

You almost don't notice the little studio tucked in the rear of the garden. But a remodel is under way to transform it into an extension of the patio, complete with covered outdoor seating, a fire pit, and its own bar, the better to furbish alfresco diners with cocktails.

The expansion will add about a dozen more patio seats, says Doak. Inside the small shelter will be primed for wine dinners, private parties, and accommodating spillover from Brimmer and Heeltap's dining room on busy weekend nights.

Seattle's love for drinking around a fire runs deep. The restaurant also has blankets to keep outdoor diners warm on cooler evenings.

Doak hopes the remodel will be done some time in June. Blankets, cocktails, and open flames over July 4 weekend, anybody?