Coming in April, for lunch, dinner, or happy hour. Photo via the Kraken Congee Facebook page.

Well that didn't take long. The subterranean restaurant that previously housed Little Uncle has a new occupant—one that also began life as a popup.

Kraken Congee aims to open here in April, two years after it started life as a monthly popup at Grub on Queen Anne (awww...RIP Grub). Kraken built a following off its bowls of rice porridge, enlivened with everything from Filipino pork belly adobo to octopus and kimchi, or curried pumpkin and coconut.

Last summer, founders Garrett Doherty, Shane Robinson, and Irbille Donia went on the CNBC reality show Restaurant Startup, where Texas chef Tim Love and NYC restaurant mastermind Joe Bastianich auditioned fledgling chefs as potential investments. Along the way Donia bowed out of the project, but Doherty and Robinson picked up Love as an investor. He will also, as Doherty puts it, "guide us through the trials and tribulations." 

Doherty and Robinson say the brick-and-mortar Kraken menu will be an expanded version of what they served as the popups. Kraken Congee will be open for lunch, happy hour, and dinner, and if the liquor license gods are amenable, the long bar up front will actually dispense cocktails.

The space will get some updates and a few TVs that can be concealed behind sliding screens, says Doherty, but the layout won't look wildly different. "It will be fun to cook without having to get rid of everything at the end of the night."

Keep tabs on progress on Facebook, as well as Kraken Congee's website.


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